Medallion Name – ROCKY MOUNTAIN FASHION Significance – Thanks to miners and their need for sturdy clothing we have Levi’s and the blue jean. Inscription – “Your ruffle shirts, standing collars and all kinds of fine clothing had better be left in your wardrobe at home. Discard all cotton or linen clothing; adapt yourself at once to woolen and leather; provide yourself with woolen underclothes. …You may also leave your razor for you won’t use it.” 1859 Gold Rush Handbook Location – 39.750304, -104.996208 Details – Mining as an industry was born in 1848, when James Marshall was building a


Medallion Name – RAGS TO RICHES Significance – How times have changed! Today we fund new businesses with venture capital. Back in the days of the Wild West, you offered a grubstake an agreement designed to supply material, provisions, or money to an enterprise in return for a share of in the resulting profits. Such a venture brought money and power to the men who provided these provisions, such as shopkeeper Horace Tabor and as will read below, was the ruin of his wife Baby Doe. Inscription – Horace Tabor’s funeral cortege passed along 17th St. As the owner of