Medallion name – MINT ROBBERY Significance – As the Civil War raged in the East, drifter James D. Clark bounced around from job to job, and finally landed one at the Denver Mint and a scheme came quickly to mind. His robbery strategy was simple fill his pockets with as much gold as possible and get out of Denver. One day in February 1864, Clark left work with more than $37,000 in gold and treasury notes stuffed in his pockets. His plan was to head to Colorado Springs, but he got lost along the way and was eventually captured. When


Medallion Name – ROCKY MOUNTAIN FASHION Significance – Thanks to miners and their need for sturdy clothing we have Levi’s and the blue jean. Inscription – “Your ruffle shirts, standing collars and all kinds of fine clothing had better be left in your wardrobe at home. Discard all cotton or linen clothing; adapt yourself at once to woolen and leather; provide yourself with woolen underclothes. …You may also leave your razor for you won’t use it.” 1859 Gold Rush Handbook Location – 39.750304, -104.996208 Details – Mining as an industry was born in 1848, when James Marshall was building a


Medallion Name – NATIONAL WOMAN SUFFRAGE MOVEMENT Significance – Suffrage is the right vote in political elections. in the U.S., it’s not like a politician waved a magic wand and said, “Voila, Women can now vote, “and scattered equality over everyone. When Colorado elected to give women suffrage rights on November 7, 1893, they became the first state in the U.S. to do so. This historic victory was no small achievement. Inscription – NATIONAL WOMAN SUFFRAGE MOVEMENT Until 1911, Denver was the largest city in the nation where women could vote. Western states, including Colorado, were among the first to