Medallion Name – LET THE BUYER BEWARE Significance – Jefferson Soapy Smith was a notorious 19th century in the Denver Area. He was crime boss who had his finger in a number of illicit actives. One of his avowed philosophies was, A gambler is one who teaches and illustrates the folly of avarice; he is a non-ordained preacher on the vagaries of fortune and how to make doubt a certainty. Inscription – In the 1880s and 1890s Denver was the nations headquarters for con men, a dubious honor that maintained into the early years or the 20th century. The most


Medallion Name – YO SOY JOAQUIN Significance – Corky Gonzales has been honored as the founder of the Chicano movement. He was an iconic leader in the movement for justice and equality for Mexican-Americans. Inscription Rudolfo Corky Gozales born in Denver June 18, 1928, son of a migrant worker, helped organize and lead the Chicano civil and human rights movement of the 1960s and 70s. He advocated equality, just and self-determination for the Chicano/Mexicano people of the Southwest. POET PLAYWRIGHT LECTURER POLITICAL ACTIVIST COMMUNITY ORGANIZER I am Aztec Prince And Christian Christ I shall endure, I will endure Location –